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A company hired me to build a plugin that would save users data as they fill it in so that they could close the webpage at any time and resume the form upon browsing back to the page. They were using Gravity Forms Data Persistence Add-On Reloaded but needed a few more features. They needed to be able to view forms currently in progress and make changes if necessary.

You can view the git for this here:

Or download the plugin here: gravity-forms-manage-partial-entries

IMPORTANT: This plugin was only designed to work with logged in users. I can expand it if anyone feels like paying me to.


This plugin leverages the Partial Entry Add-On therefore you MUST have a Gravity Forms developer license and have turned of Gravity Forms Partial Entries

To turn on the plugin for a form, go to the Form Settings for the specific form and check the Enable Continue Partial Entries box

Make sure you also have Partial Entries enabled for that form. It has its own menu.

And that’s it! As users fill out the form, it will show up under the Partial Entries section of the entries and the form will load up the values of that partial entry automatically on load.

You may also optionally add a button for users to clear these entries if they want to start over by using the shortcode:


  • formid(int)(required)

    Specify the form by id that you’d like the code to apply

  • formid(string)(required)

    Specify the redirect url for after the button has been clicked

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  1. Thanks so much for this – exactly what I was looking for so that the data is never lost for the user, and we can see it in the admin area as well.

    One little thing I found though, is if you use it together with Save and Continue feature – the saved data doesn’t seem to save to the new token – so if you edit a little more after saving and continue, and then, say, refresh the page… the latest updates since the save are gone – BUT, the data is still there if you manually edit the URL and remove the token…

    I wonder if there is a simple way to fix this conflict or not?

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