Shopify API integration example

A company asked me if I’d be able to integrate their WordPress store with Shopify. Specifically, the wanted a form submission to check against their users and create a coupon specifically for them.

Now there’s a decent amount of information about the Shopify API, but I found surprisingly few actual implementations of an API for functioning within WordPress. For those of you interested in a basic start, I’m adding the demo I made for them here.

They ended up going a different direction with the project, so this code didn’t get far, but you should be able to expand and leverage the simple function I built. Or pay me to.

Install this Snippet

Add the following code to your functions.php
The code does the following:

  • Creats the shortcode [shopify]
  • Creates a coupon called TESTONE whenever called


  • replace the $baseurl with your store. I left my test store info there since the free trial long expired
  • Replace the text ‘TESTONE’ to change the coupon code

Other Information

This snippet leverages the price rules api. It first creates a price rule which dictates the discount info, then applies it to the discount code. The price rule in this example is called TEST5

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